Mon-Tue, Dec 21-22, 2015

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Na Opio Kulana Ki‘eki‘e - "Our Youth Who Stand Majestic"

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Monday-Tuesday, December 21-22, 2015


A note from David R. Lundquist
Pa'ani Challenge

The two day Pa'ani Challenge for high school girls is unique because it combines the confidence building of sporting competition with a program that focuses the girls' thoughts to "life after school", and that does not mean athletics; it means inspiring the girls to dream that they "can be someone" and to think about, and take practical action on what is ahead for them in life: becoming interested in a career path, a job, college, military service; transforming the discipline and confidence they have developed from wrestling into life success after high school.

The Pa'ani Challenge, now in its 5th year, has been a resounding success in achieving these very lofty goals.

Specific aspects of the Pa'ani Challenge are:

  • A college career and job fair (jobs since some younger girls are interested in a job now, while in high school), including over 30 booths!
  • An inspirational speech by a local high school athlete who became a successful Hawaii businesswoman. This year's speaker is Constance Lau, President & CEO of HEI.
  • A wrestling clinic led by Hawaii's own Olympic Medalist, Clarissa Chun.
  • As of its first year, the Pa'ani Challenge became the largest High School girls' wrestling tournament in the USA, with nearly 300 girls competing. This extraordinary success was possible because high school girl's wrestling is a big sport on Maui, Molokai, Lanai, the Big Island, Kauai, and Oahu. Before the advent of the Pa'ani Challenge, most of these hundreds of girls would never get to wrestle each other due to ocean barriers. The Pa'ani Challenge solved this problem in one fell swoop by subsidizing the travel of all of the neighbor island girls' teams to Oahu. All funds are used for this purpose. With all of the neighbor island teams coming, the Oahu teams all come too. They love it.
  • Unlike any other tournament, 2nd and 3rd stringers are also invited and get matches at their own skill level, getting rare opportunities to compete.
  • Most importantly, all the girls -win or lose-  gain the life altering experience of summoning the courage to walk out onto the mat and face an opponent in a civilized wrestling match. This is an extraordinary growth and confidence building experience for high school girls that will stay with them for the rest of thier lives.

We look forward to seeing you there...David


A very special mahalo to Punahou and Na Wahine Pa'ani O Punahou

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And to the hundreds of unnamed parents, wrestlers, coaches, alumni, refs, writers, fans, and other well-wishers from both inside and outside the Punahou community who've freely extended their time, money, and good will to this endeavor:  Without your terrific efforts over the years, this event would not be what it is today. 

Mahalo nui loa!